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Aug 28, 2019

This episode will rock your world. Louise Thaxton is "lightning in a bottle."

Louise Thaxton has been in the mortgage business for 22 years, almost 19 of those years with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, as a producing regional manager, with offices across Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Colorado. Louise was named as one of the Top Women Originators in America for 2018 by Scotsman Guide, was included in the top 100 Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA) for 2018, and named by National Mortgage Professional Magazine as one of the “Best Military Lenders and Originators 2018”.

She is the National Director of the Military Mortgage Specialist, a designation exclusive to loan professionals of Fairway Mortgage, which trains and equips loan professionals on working with military clients.

Louise is a national advocate for America’s veterans and is the Director and co-founder of the American Warrior Initiative, the non-profit of Fairway, leading the way for hundreds of initiatives for veterans in need across the country, inspiring millions of dollars in donations to fund those initiatives.

If you'd like to make a donation or purchase Red Friday Shirt – and make a notation of “Service Dog” or #BillHart or #AllIn, Louise will match the funds to place a dog in a veteran’s life –


"All In with Coach Bill Hart" is sponsored by Knowledge Coop, creators of absolutely brilliant training materials for the mortgage industry!


Bill Hart is a coach at Building Champions in Lake Oswego Oregon. He is also the author of the book "White Collar Warrior: Lessons for Sales Professionals from America's Military Elite".

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