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Oct 28, 2019

Ryan Grant says that home ownership is an art. As the largest asset (or debt) that most people acquire, a home needs to be dealt with intelligently over the long term. He offers his clients his "Mastering the Art of Home Ownership" products and services which help them manage their assets and financial future. Find out...

Oct 20, 2019

After 20 years in water management, Mike "Muddy" Schlegel had a lightbulb moment in a workshop when he realized he was a visual thinker, and decided to develop his natural learning style into the art of visual storytelling.

He is now often seen at a giant whiteboard at keynote events, creating such great storyboards...

Oct 2, 2019

What if there was a book with the same name as your podcast?

You're about to find out. In this episode, Coach Bill chats with Adrian Gostic and Chester Elton, author of the book "All In- How the Best Managers Create a Culture of Belief and Drive Big Results."

Link to "All In- How the Best Managers Create a Culture of...