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May 27, 2021

Your client loves you, but they STILL have a printout of the competitor's website offer on their desk.

Understanding the competing technologies and tools is the key to helping clients. Guiding them through possible choices sets you apart and creates the "expert" relationship.

Our guest today is Kenny Klaus, with Klaus...

Apr 26, 2021

Marshall Wayne is... "The Mounting Man".

He is a concept creator, an ad ("Mad") man, marketing expert, and photographer.
And an event promoter. Until the pandemic struck and wiped out the industry.
To supplement his income and support his family, Marshall bought a $39 drill, came up with some great ads, and became The...

Feb 22, 2021

In a market of uncertainty, there's a flight to quality. So in a field of hobbyist real estate sales (50% of realtors had NO transactions in 2020), there are ways to attract and help clients to change the life they have into the life they dream about.

Larry Kendall is author of the book "Ninja Selling- Subtle Skills....

Feb 21, 2021

Sean Herrero's mantra is "I wonder..." He feels very comfortable trying new things to see what works, and letting go of what doesn't. He operates his business as a digital nomad, and loves the van life movement, and the outdoors, especially spear fishing, which offers the ultimate in "being present".

Sean came into...

Jan 15, 2021

Today we chat with David Jaffe of Guaranteed Rate Mortgage.
In 2020, he did $300 million and 625 units, with 8 team members. Much of this success is from his database of 17,000, and he actively markets to 2500 of those.

David also gives us some great ideas for preparing for the next lean cycle in your business.