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Jul 3, 2019

Todd Huston knows how to overcome incredible challenges. When his legs got caught in the propeller of a boat at age 14, his life was radically changed. Despite surgeries, he had to have one leg amputated.

Todd became a psychotherapist and clinical director of the Amputee Resource Center in California. He used his professional skills and personal experiences to help adults, adolescents and children achieve more in their lives. 

Then he completed a world record-setting Summit America expedition by climbing to the highest elevations of all 50 states in only 66 days 22 hours and 47 minutes, shattering the original record by 35 days!

 Todd is the author of the book "More Than Mountains: The Todd Huston Story" and has hosted inspirational radio and television programs. 

For more information on Todd Huston, please visit his website at


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